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        SEXUAL VIOLENCE (2012)  (Click here to read full CDC facts)

  • 1 in 5 women experience rape in their lifetime.
  • Approximately 1 in 20 women (5.6%) experienced sexual violence other than rape, such as sexual coercion, unwanted sexual contact, or non-contact unwanted sexual experiences.
  • 37.4% of female rape victims were first raped between the ages of 18-24.
  • 42.2% of female rape victims were first raped before age 18.
  • 29.9% of female rape victims were first raped between the ages of 11-17.
  • 12.3% female rape victims first raped were age 10 or younger.
  • Among female rape victims, perpetrators were reported to be intimate partners (51.1%), family members (12.5%), acquaintances (40.8%) and strangers (13.8%).
  • Rape results in about 32,000 pregnancies each year.
  • Among female victims of partner violence who filed a protective order, 68% reported they were raped by their intimate partner and 20% reported a rape-related pregnancy.

   1-800-CDC-INFO (232-4636)  •  •

This is my personal list as a survivor of sexual trauma:

  1. I am 1 of those every 5 women that have been raped.
  2. I am 1 of those every 20 women that have experienced sexual violence other than rape.
  3. I am part of the 37.4% of females raped between the ages of 18-24.
  4. I am the 51.1% of females raped by an intimate partner.

NE.PerkinsI had 3000 more words to add. I wanted to add my first sexual trauma as a child, sexual trauma by a family member, sexual trauma by rape, sexual trauma by a significant other…my mother told me not to publish it. My own mother is a survivor of sexual trauma, I have family members that are survivors, I have close friends that are survivors, comrades I served with in the military that are survivors, and I know many acquaintances that are also survivors. As a survivor of some version of sexual abuse, mind it be verbal, mental, emotional and or physical…sometimes all four together, you have a great chance of being called a liar, a slut, whore, and or crazy. NE.PerkinsYou could even lose your children to your abuser through the family court system, you could be charged with slander in civil court, you could be ordered by a judge to seek family therapy with your abuser in sake of the children you bore with him, and you may possibly lose part of your mind fighting and waiting to be heard. Why is that? Why is it that some women are held responsible and condemned for the violence they endured? Is it because of those few women that lie about abuse? Not everyone lies. Not every man is an abuser. NOT EVERY WOMAN LIES ABOUT RAPE! My mother doesn’t want me to face my abuser because I will probably lose. How does a victim lose? The same way many mother’s lose custody of their children, many father’s lose rights to their children, why criminals don’t see jail time, why the innocent offenders see jail time, why the bad guys win and the good guys lose…It’s our court system and our government not giving a hoot and NE.Perkinsletting it happen. Add the cost of lawyers…you don’t have a chance. Police reports and restraining orders? Just pieces of paper. Try yelling out to a crowd while pregnant that your spouse is cheating on you. What do you think will happen? People will shrug because it is normal. How is it normal that a spouse can cheat and put the mother’s life and the child she carry’s life in mortal danger when the very act should be considered a serious crime worth of the harshest punishment?  And if you don’t understand that…you are part of the problem. Then yell out to a crowd that your spouse has been raping you. You may get a sympathetic pat on the back, most likely they will show no emotion to your obvious cry for help. What spouse would rape their own wife anyway?! She has to be crazy. We live in a messed up world that isn’t going to change until we force it to change.

Here is an article by Dana Hunter that will explain the statistics of “False Rape”. You know you wanted say it. Society has made you think instantly of someone claiming a “false accusations of rape” instead of them being a “victim of rape”.

One Reason Why False Rape Allegation Statistics Are So High

Men, even good men, believe women lie about rape. There’s this myth that runs amok saying that some enormous proportion of rape accusations are just women lying to get attention, or revenge, or to hide their summer fling from mommy and daddy. And they believe it without question.

When male friends toss that grenade at me, I toss it back by asking if they know what the percentage is. “Fifty percent,” they’ll say, or above, depending on which MRAs their stats are coming from.

“It’s two to eight percent,” I say, and I need to remember to never do this when they’re walking or have something in their mouths, because the good ones are always staggered, and they always gasp. “But even those numbers are on the high side.”

I don’t need to go in to detail with the good ones. I don’t need to do more than remind them what actually happens to women who report. They realize immediately that very few people would be so motivated by some other factor that they would willingly subject themselves to the hell that is rained down upon rape victims. And then I remind them that while our culture often makes reporting a rape worse than the rape itself, when it comes to male victims, it’s damned near impossible to report at all. And if you’re a trans* person? Hell doesn’t even begin to describe it. Once we have finished that brief survey of Rape Culture Today, the good ones never spout nonsense statistics again.

For those who stubbornly wish to believe that bitches be lyin’, I can point them at studies. I have before and will again. But in the future, I will first make them chew on this “false” rape allegation statistic until their teeth break.

Now, some of them will spit out that report along with their shattered teeth and flap their bleeding gums at me: “That’s just an anecdote.” And that is true. It is just one data point behind the 2-8%. Since we are Good Skeptics™, we know to look beyond anecdotes.

So let me add in a study of police attitudes toward rape victims. It would seem EEB isn’t alone, then. And if we could factor in the victims who never reported at all because of shit like this, that “false” rape allegation statistic would drop like a rock. Since they don’t, the statistics are skewed, making “false” allegations look more prevalent.

Now add the horrific treatment victims experience from defense attorneys who believe they’re scum. I can tell you from experience this can be worse than the rape. It can be a form of torture, and like torture victims, some rape victims will recant just to make the pain stop. Magically, their allegation is now “false.” But they’re no less raped, and the rapist is no less a sexual predator.

Add in the fact that some rapists have the lock on society, and can crush their victims. If their victims had the courage to report, they’ve soon got their buddies to sweep the crime under the rug. And another several ticks are added in the “false” rape allegation column.

Add in children who receive such a terrifying reaction to their attack that they recant just to protect themselves. More “false” rape allegations.

What about victims who aren’t supported by friends and family because many cultures make it easier to believe the victims are filthy, disgusting, crazy liars rather than people suffering from sexual assault? I think you know what happens to the statistics by now.

Add in the fact that some police departments don’t make a distinction between “reports that are actually, genuinely, provably false” and “reports that can’t be prosecuted due to statue of limitations, lack of evidence, or some other reason, but no doubt the victim was assaulted.” Both numbers end up counting under “false” allegations, although a sizable percentage weren’t false at all.

Add in about a trillion circumstances I haven’t remembered to include. Compare that to the enormous number of rapes and sexual assaults.

Image courtesy roga muffin via Flickr.

Image courtesy roga muffin via Flickr.

The reality is that false rape allegations are a tiny bit of flotsam on a sea of rape. Even if that 2-8% number were accurate, it would still be far too small to use to discount rape allegations out of hand. The fact that even that tiny percentage is inflated by cases like EEB’s should ensure that every decent human being treat victims’ reports as provisionally true. The idea that most or even many rape allegations are false is an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence. Those who continue to insist otherwise have forfeited any right to be considered good people.

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The hashtag #YESALLWOMEN sparked my interest in creating artwork depicting how I felt as a child being sexually abused and how I felt as an adult survivor of sexual abuse. I have been seeing a therapist off and on since 2004 and diagnosed with PTSD because of my past trauma. As I have aged, my panic attacks and anxiety has gotten worse even though I am still seeking therapy. My therapist retired a few months ago and before she left she told me that I am now ready to move on from this kind of therapy. What other kind of therapy is there I wondered. She referred me to see a sexual trauma therapist that only deals with victims of sexual abuse. Even after 10 years of therapy I am still afraid to deal with my traumatic past. Well, I am going. I am going to take that step in healing, I need to heal, I need to let go, and I need to be mentally healthy for my family and most of all for me. I am sure more art will appear through this journey of mine…

I want to thank you for listening. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for believing the pain. Thank you for taking the side of the victim. Thank you for not taking the side of the perpetrator. Thank you for taking a stand against violence of our women. Thank you for being there when they cry. Thank you for being there when they wanted to give up. Thank you for hugging them when they don’t want to be touched. Thank you for understanding if they are not social at times. Thank you for caring enough to stand by them. Thank you for your concern. Thank you for leaving them alone when they hurt. Thank you for teaching your boys to be good men. Thank you for teaching your girls to be strong women. Thank you for wanting to protect the children that are involved. Thank you for being a good person. Thank you for being a caring judge. Thank you for being a lawyer that will fight. Thank you for being the husband that stands by his wife. Thank you for being the police officer that will follow through with the report and shows up to the hearing. Thank you for being the child protective service worker that will do their job. Thank you for being the teacher that reports abuse. Thank you for being the government official that wants this all to change. Thank you for not ending your life because of the abuse. Thank you for not giving up your children because your perp keeps winning. Thank you for facing your abuser. Thank you for being a friend, the family member, and or partner that knows it isn’t her fault she’s F–d up. Thank you. Thank you all for helping those victims of sexual abuse. We may not show at times that we are thankful, believe me, a survivor of sexual abuse…we are very thankful, I am very thankful.
*If you hear of a case, see the news, read about a sexual abuser that hasn’t been prosecuted…spread it through social networking this is wrong. Memorize the statistics and web addresses. Vocalize your opinion to anyone that will listen, write your congressman, reblog a blog, post anything you find to Facebook, tweet the article, write your own blog, your own statement. And you have my permission to blast this blog across our networks…do it.

For example:


(Original Article) by Matt Pearce


  • An Indianapolis man, convicted of repeatedly drugging and raping his wife, gets no prison time
  • A judge tells an Indianapolis rape victim that she needs to ‘forgive’ her husband for raping her

Boardman, a small-business owner, told a detective on May 10, 2011, that her husband, David Wise, had been drugging her for at least three years and raping her in her sleep — and that she had found video clips on his phone.

But perhaps the strangest thing is what happened after a jury convicted Wise last month of six felony charges related to sexually assaulting his wife.
On Friday, a Marion Superior Court judge sentenced Wise, 52, to 20 years — but not a day in prison. Of the sentence, 12 years were suspended and 8 years were to be spent in home confinement.
Prosecutors had asked for 40 years in prison.
And Boardman — who divorced Wise after discovering what he’d been doing — is furious.
“To have my rapist, my attacker, convicted on all six counts, only to be let go – only for him to walk out that door the same time I could — was just unfathomable,” Boardman told the Los Angeles Times in a phone interview on Monday. “I never thought that he would be at home, being able to have the same rights and privileges as I do.”

Boardman, 36, is particularly outraged by what Marion Superior County Judge Kurt Eisgruber said to her in court.

“While the judge was giving his opinion on the sentence, he first turned to me and told me I needed to forgive my attacker, which is unfathomable,” Boardman told The Times. “He told me I needed to forgive my attacker and I needed to let my attacker walk. It was a punch to the gut from the justice system — or from one judge.”
read more…(click here)

DON’T VOTE FOR THIS JUDGE – Article: (Click Here)

I want to thank NBC reporter Elizabeth Chuck for her article that provide me these images. Please go to her article about this case. (Click here)
David Wise was was found guilty of rape and five felony counts of criminal deviate conduct last month.

David Wise was was found guilty of rape and five felony counts of criminal deviate conduct last month.

Marion County Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber

Marion County Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber

Other experts wondered how the sentence would be received by other women who have been raped who want to come forward.

“It sends a terrible message to women about the severity of this crime and the violation of the dignity of a woman. To sentence someone to home detention does not reflect the depravity or the severity of this crime,” said Adam Lamparello, assistant professor of law at Indiana Tech Law School in Fort Wayne. “Considering about 25 percent of rapes are between a husband and wife, it just sends a terrible message.”
Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project, a national nonprofit focusing on criminal justice policy issues, said that while it sounded like Wise “didn’t receive a great deal of punishment,” this type of lenient sentencing is unlikely to have a big impact on deterring or not deterring future criminals. To read more (Click Here)

Any of my personal writing to this post doesn’t reflect on any outside party’s views that is linked to this blog. My artwork is my own reflection of abuse. If you would like to email me: / Subject Line: Sexual Abuse

Please don’t bash victims of abuse, stand next to one and fight for their right to be heard and their right for justice against their abuser. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Art – #YESALLWOMEN

  1. Mixed Media: Pen and ink w/watercolor
    About: This piece depicts a child who has been sexually abused by a family member. The height of the chair symbolizes the height of the adult abuser, the crouching position of victim shows what the she feels inside as an adult survivor: insignificant, helpless, fear, anguish, doubt, guilt, hate, and paralyzing memories of the act upon her. The shadows are the demons that follow her as an adult from her childhood. The evil showing through the blackness is her adult predator that sexually traumatized her, he shows up at random times physically and mentally, he abuses her through different methods unseen by others even though he isn’t able to touch or go near her, he taunts her in her dreams, he creates her panic and anxiety, he will always be there because of the child he created through the abuse he is allowed to share with his victim because of his rights as a father and the family court system turning a blind eye. This piece shows an adult woman in her mid 30’s still fighting the right to be free from her past abusers.

  2. The laws are written by men, passed by men and interpreted by men. The sentences are handed down by men…some of whom are doing the very things the person standing in front of them have done. There is no justice for women. We are not included in the Constitution and we are not treated fairly under the laws of this country. It is a male dominated, violent, hateful society. There is nothing they won’t do. Infants have had VE in their mouths and be torn and bleeding from intercourse..INFANTS…newborns. We can march, we can dance on the head of a pin but until we have POWER, personal and otherwise, we can’t fight back. If a man kills his wife he gets a slap on the wrists but if a wife kills her husband in self defense, she can get life, without parole. It’s all about POWER. They have made sure we don’t have it. We are EDUCATED and TAUGHT and brainwashed into believe that women are less, that they DESERVE what they get. In the wrong place at the wrong time, wearing the wrong thing…whatever. We can’t go out alone. WE LIVE IN A WAR ZONE EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR LIVES…some inside AND outside of their own homes. I don’t have the answers but going about it the way we have been going about it isn’t going to solve the problem, of that I’m sure. They throw us crumbs, bits of this and that, and even those things can be taken away. We need something bigger than they are…we need power. People don’t work together. You have groups, no money, working hard and accomplishing little. I’m grateful to them but the violence is getting worse, not better. They have the power…everything in this country is about power. Money (we get less), laws (we have none), language (belongs to THEM), we are called terrible things and shunned for doing the same things they do. Well, I could go on and on but we need to rethink this issue so that we aren’t prisoners in our world, tortured and hunted for fun.

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